11.5 – 10.6.2017

Andreas Hochuli
David Hominal
Cynthia Maughan
Sidsel Meineche Hansen
Dan Mitchell
Lili Reynaud Dewar

Opening Thursday May 11
6 – 9 pm

One of the reasons André Breton threw Salvador Dalí out of the Surrealist group was because of that painting, The Great Masturbator (1929). It's got a guy with shitty underpants on. That was so offensive to Breton.

Aquariums are transparent - insofar as they get regularly cleaned, of course. Apart from that, the view is in some cases blocked by props that simulate natural conditions or function as hiding or resting places for those underwater creatures inhabiting them. Everybody can probably agree that there’s something at once captivating and upsetting about aquariums. Shanaynay is a glass-fronted space though water is only present in smaller quantities originating from a leaking pipe. The exhibition on view is, to different degrees, disconcerting and dirty, even contradictory. Passers-by might be offended and viewers might feel uncomfortable being looked at looking. But the real warning is that it’s a joke.

*The only piece that can’t be viewed from the outside but which one can view when inside without being seen from the outside is No Right Way 2 Cum by Sidsel Meineche Hansen. It is installed in the back room. The pieces installed in the front room are Gros Bras and Tendresse by Andreas Hochuli, Animal With Bagage by David Hominal, Sex Symbol by Cynthia Maughan, I’m Going To Kill You by Dan Mitchell, My Epidemic by Lili Reynaud Dewar and the text ”Sex Picture” from Richard Prince’s pamphlet Menthol Pictures.