22.09 – 15.10.2016

Jaber Al Mahjoub and Keren Cytter

Opening Thursday September 22nd
6 - 9 pm

Tunisien de Paris, Jaber Al Mahjoub is a clown-musician, poet tumbler, imitator, mime, storyteller, homme orchestre as much as a painter. Poésie de l’absurde, Jaber uses collages and common sense with no-hierarchy. From stereotypes to his own cosmogony, he turns the world into a play, a grande Maskérade.

“Une Forza che viene dal Passat” and “Alla Ricerca di Fratelli” are the same work but has one foot in “The Best of Keren Cytter” and the other in “The Worst of Keren Cytter”. Here one character, stranger, can’t get into the social club while another character, Isabella, wants to get out of the wasteland. The non-actors are acting as actors in a play.