20.10 – 13.11.2016

Karl Larsson

Opening Thursday October 20th
6 - 9 pm

In Virgil’s Aeneid, Camilla, the infant daughter of King Metabus and Casmilla is saved from an angry lynch mob by her father who ties her to a spear and throws her over the river Amasenus. While wobbling through the air she dreams of warm milk, chocolate and formless horror. In a drawing, made by a three year old girl, spatiality escapes definition. Before natural science has engraved a grid of reason, before all prosaic facts, rain is an event surrounding a child like a halo and a cat may take a walk in a human voice. Destruction of worlds, outside of the room. Destruction of rooms. Some children end up floating in the Mediterranean sea. They appear, then disappear, re-appear and start circulating. Sometimes a baby spins and spins until many years have passed. I don’t want to ask myself what conclusion there is to draw from all the data in the world. I want to ask what there is to unlearn from what is disappearing in front of our eyes?